How Old To Join Military

How Old To Join Military – 2. Show Caption + Hide Caption – Bravo Company’s command staff likes to use the experience, knowledge and maturity of their former NCOs on the job, giving them additional responsibility and leadership opportunities. From left, Sgt 1st Class Derrick Dodds, … (Photo: United States) View original.

Redstone Arsenal, Ala – While tough economic times may help hiring, the economy is not what drove Pvt Dale Langer will join the band at the age of 41

How Old To Join Military

And with it an opportunity, a new skill, a regular salary, good benefits and a sense of purpose

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This longtime truck driver has just completed advanced personal training at the Mobile Missile Repairman, Ammunition and Electronics Maintenance School. He looks forward to putting his new mechanical skills to use as a soldier stationed in Korea After completing his four years of enlisted service, he hopes to apply those skills to the civilian world

“I was just tired of driving the truck. I wanted a challenge “That’s why I joined,” said Langre. “I was the oldest to walk through the doors of the recruiting station in my hometown (in Northern California). They said I actually joined at my age It was a good challenge for me I wanted something different I wanted to see if I could do it. And I did. “

But before he could be cleared for basic training at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, Langer had to undergo a thorough physical exam that included an EKG, which is not required for younger soldiers. To prepare for basic training, Langer often ran and lifted weights

His family is unsure about his decision to join the group at an age that puts him just a year below the enrollment threshold — and in most cases at least 22 years older than other individuals.

Eligibility & Requirements

“They thought I was a bit crazy. But I am not married and I have no children. So it has become easier,” said Langer. My sister thought it was great that I was able to pass primary at my old age.

While stationed at Redstone, Langer, now 42, actually earned a physical fitness award by scoring 90 or higher in three events — push-ups, sit-ups and walking. Although he is much larger than the average individual, he is in great physical shape

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And with age comes a greater sense of experience and responsibility, which he would expect He also has 17 years of experience in a sheet metal shop, logging and storage and driving a cement truck.

“I know I’m not as young as other young people. But I felt that I had other things. “I know I’m the most responsible of these kids who like to drink and party. I’m not into it anymore I like structure and discipline

Finnish Conscription System

“I get a lot of old jokes But I’m watching it because I’m an adult who wants to join in

After so many years as a civilian, Langer said the expectations were a little overwhelming at first

“There are a lot of rules “But I understand that because platoon sergeants work with a lot of young people,” he said.

It has a maximum age limit for recruits at 42, up from 35 in 2006. The age limit for Navy is 35, Marine Corps 28 and Air Force 27.

Are You Eligible To Join The Military?

“There’s really no problem with older recruits,” said retired Master Sgt. John Towers, Marketing and Missions Analyst at 2nd Recruitment Brigade, based at Arsenal. “Anyone can serve. There’s always something for everyone.”

Older recruits have a level of maturity that we often don’t see in 18-, 19- and 20-year-olds and even college graduates.

However, even in a struggling economy, the majority of recruits are between the ages of 18 and 25 The number of over-25 hires is only a small percentage of all hires, Tower said.

He says the economy is pushing older workers, but the impact is not as great as you might think. “Older people aren’t attracted to the military because they’re more settled and have other options. A lot of times older recruits are ex-servicemen and they want to come back.”

Become An Enlisted Soldier

There are those older recruits who, even though they have careers, join the military because it’s something they’ve always wanted to do.

“The Army is a challenge for these older recruits. This is something they should feel They may feel this way because they want to serve the country patriotically “Or they can see it as community service,” Tower said.

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Older recruits usually have a wife or husband and children, Tower said. “When we talk about benefits, we have to include families. Taking care of their families is their priority.”

When it comes to older hires, they can be selective, Tower said, particularly in the South Central US (Texas, Arizona and New Mexico) and Southeastern US regions, both of which have consistently had higher hiring numbers.

Conscription In Israel

Every year, the military, which maintains 2.26 million soldiers, sailors, air forces and marines, receives about 300,000 new recruits. In 2008, more than 80,000 were employed. The Pentagon reports that it actually signed up 70,045, while the fiscal year 2009 target was 65,000.

He said that the entire recruitment command is working well now. “In mid-August, we may have to reduce our monthly mission because we will be so close to meeting our final strength for the year.” Extreme powers are limited by Congress and measured on October 1 “As we get closer to that date this year, we are being more selective with our recruits.”

At Bravo Company, platoon sergeants can see the difference between older privates in their platoon. But they don’t have to be Langer’s age, 42, to be among the team’s mature soldiers.

“If they come in and they’re in their 30s to mid-30s, we consider them adults,” Sgt. First Class Chris Patterson said. “This is because we (company employees) are of that age and already have careers under our belts. Soldiers in their 30s who are now entering the service have previous life experiences. ”

How Old Is Too Old To Join The Military? [for 2023 Recruits]

Although older enlisted men are recognized and considered potential leaders among younger troops, they must contend with rules and regulations that seem worlds apart from their current experience and knowledge.

“The type of training they receive is one-sided and focused on 18- to 20-year-olds,” Patterson said. “When the senior soldier comes in, we don’t know what kind of person we’ve got. They bring experiences that we don’t have And their physical strength and abilities also have to be taken into consideration. ”

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If a veteran comes in with a positive personal background and a good attitude, he or she can quickly rise to the top of the class, said Sgt. First grade Sonja Porter

He said that they can share their good life experiences with the younger soldiers and talk about their future. “They can be good mentors and younger soldiers can see their maturity in their work,” he said.

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“But if they never mature, they can be very destructive and develop an attitude that they don’t have to listen to their sergeants.”

Platoon sergeants are tasked with preparing soldiers for this experience, which often includes counseling young soldiers about personal, financial, and emotional issues that may arise during training. With veterans, this task often involves learning about the soldier’s personal and professional history.

“You have to understand where they’re coming from and their demographics,” Sgt. said freshman Derrick Dodds

“They may have been small business owners in the past or they may have climbed the corporate ladder and something happened to take it all away. They see the military as a perfect opportunity to keep their families together.

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Often, platoon sergeants pair older privates with younger privates, hoping that a psychological situation will naturally develop. Often times, older individuals have more motivation and drive and need to feel like they are contributing and making a difference within their unit.

We want to give them a sense of responsibility. “At their age, they already have responsibilities, so we want to give them someone to mentor,” Dodds said.

“They are more likely to handle things better if they feel they are helping younger soldiers,” he said. We don’t want to overlook their age and experience

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