How Can I Be A Voice Actor

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Generally, anime characters have impressive backstories and metaphorically contagious resolutions. As it turns out, so do many of the actors whose vocal talents help bring these characters to life. When anime took off in Japan, the medium’s relatable and heroic characters, particularly in the shōnen genre, crossed cultural barriers and entered the hearts and minds of American audiences. This is perhaps no more true than in the black community.

How Can I Be A Voice Actor

However, despite the universal appeal of these stories, it’s only recently that black voice actors, who were previously cast in supporting roles, have begun to make real strides and become more prominently represented in the field of anime voice acting. Who is For Black History Month, Black Voice actors A.J. Beckless, Kimberley Ann Campbell, Zeno Robinson, and Ineris Quinones talk about their journeys to voice roles on popular Funimation and Crunchyroll shows, and online harassment for being black in the voice acting industry. How to deal with being done.

How To Become A Voice Actor For Video Games

Why bother? Well, racism and gatekeeping, of course. Some middle-aged white fans mistakenly perceive the pale skin of many anime characters as an attribute of being white, fueling the fact that white actors are often cast as voice actors and supporting characters in popular anime. I am hired to cast when black voice actors are cast. . Combine this with the widespread perception among white fans in various forms of media that white actresses can play any role in any way (how cool, Scarlett Johansson!).

White actors can also play white characters – just as whiteness is a racial freedom, everyone else is limited and defined by their race – and you get resistance to black actors voicing anime leads.

However, this view is increasingly being challenged (and hopefully finally dispelled) by the meteoric rise of black actors playing lead roles in Shounen’s genre-bending series. This shift in the anime industry serves as more fuel to show fans dying of black community fire. Black people have become unofficial ambassadors for anime in America, showing their support for media through creative cosplay and fandoms like RDCworld1’s AnimeHouse YouTube series that mimic anime characters. .

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However, minority voices in the anime community see black community advocates and the industry’s hiring of black actors as “PC culture” and “SJWs” who try to make anime “sleep”. are

The Enduring Magic Of The Voice Actor

That’s why the presence of these actors in these spaces is so meaningful and so important, because anime’s influence as a major cultural phenomenon shows no signs of abating anytime soon. However, first and foremost these actors want to be recognized for their art and what they bring to anime. In short, that’s how any actor wants to be seen and treated in a professional environment.

He took his first vocal class in junior high school, immediately giving up his dream of becoming a professional basketball player to pursue his chosen one. Although he had not taken acting lessons before this class, as a young child, his family helped him overcome his shyness by speaking in front of the class, encouraging him to ” It will be amazing”. When asked how he became so good at line reading, Beckles joked that his parents scolded him as a child for being stubborn.

“I’ve always been a good reader because I’ve had a lot of trouble,” Beckless said. “When I couldn’t watch TV, my punishment was reading.”

When Beccles wasn’t filming his television specials, he found motivation to persevere by watching Naruto Uzumaki, the number one power-wielding ninja in the Leaf Village.

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. As an adopted child, seeing the orphaned ninja overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges was a beacon of hope for Beckles that he could achieve his dreams.

It gave me hope and that’s something I want to give to other kids and people with the stories I tell with my voice,” said Beckless.

@Every fan who knows what it looks like after seeing my work— A.J. Beckles 👀 アキーム ➡️ Winterfest Momoko (@AJBecklesVO) February 26, 2022

Although by no means a star at first, Beckles soon realized he was good at voice acting and was honing his craft. The rigorous reading sessions his parents forced him to undertake years later when Takemichi Hanagakan played the lead role in the English dub of Tokyo Revenge.

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Hanagaki’s unwavering loyalty to his friends, even to the point of beating the crap out of them for their sake, makes him happy to vote for Beccles, and he wouldn’t have it any other way. In fact, part of Beckles’ acting philosophy is simply to have fun portraying himself as a character or characters he can relate to. He stays away from characters that promote black stereotypes, even in popular series.

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While his sense of humor has no problem playing roles based on his black identity, such as the sly spirit medium Jocko McDonnell in Netflix’s The Shaman King, he’s more of a comedic matchup than a compelling role. Provides comedic moments, a “hard. pass” for Beckles.

As a child, she used Windows 95 Voice Recorder to record herself watching shows. After reading an article about voice acting as a career path, she decided it was what she wanted to do. However, her mother was a strong saleswoman who initially did not believe that she could make a living in the profession. However, Kimberly stuck to her guns and took voice lessons.

“Now here I am doing voiceovers in anime and games and stuff, and now my mom watches everything I’m in,” she said.

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Jemima and Netflix’s Godzilla single point where she voices Lena Byrne in a supporting role, but also in video games. Especially in 2019, he played the mobile game Dawn.

For Florida native Anaires Quiñones, any kind of action has always been “fire.” But the moment she stepped into the booth for her first anime role as the Crested Porcupine in Kimono Friends, she felt especially at home.

Anitwitter I’ve talked about you guys having a POC character with an Afro-Latina voice in mainstream anime Idk, but I’ll call this a win. Welcome to the future, black is here to stay and kill. 😏 — Anairis Quinones, Queen of Curses 💙 (@anairis_q) June 19, 2020

Although Quinones started out playing silly or sleazy roles with high-pitched voices, she says she likes to challenge her acting skills, and seeks out auditions where she can be as brash and childish as she can be. Can show with pin. But it took time and effort to develop such capabilities.

How To Become A Voice Actor For Disney

And I basically fake [the voice] so I can be understood,” he said. “That’s how I expanded my range.”

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And Gentleman Guardian Eugene Montgomery, from Fire Force, knew he always wanted to be an actor, whether that meant doing voice work in cartoons, anime and video games, or physically working on stage or in front of the camera. . Just like that, the voice acting quickly picked him up.

My acting journey in anime was incredibly difficult and I literally gave up. And now two black actors have been nominated for best performance in an anime and I’m not sure that’s ever happened before. I’m proud to share this with you @anairis_q ❤️— zeno: Digidestined 👾 (@childishgamzeno) January 15, 2021

But after his breakthrough role as a Hawks, not only was he pressured to work twice as hard as his peers, the same pressure that many black people face regardless of profession, but he also dramatically excelled. To achieve. the role.

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“I have to be good because black people don’t get it. And if I’m not good, [directors who left] won’t give another black person a chance,” Robinson said.

Robinson wishes he could remind his younger self of his love for voice acting and tell him not to get caught up in common hang-ups, like focusing only on that big dream role. He warned anyone thinking of getting into the industry that the goal is not to get the big role, which means you should never audition again, because that’s not the reality of the industry, and Nor should there be unexpected motives for why an actor acts. Job.

“It’s not because you’re into it, you’re doing it because you love it and you can’t imagine yourself doing anything else. “Otherwise, what’s the pain? Do something else with less pain,” Robinson said.

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