Does The Salvation Army Pick Up Donations

Does The Salvation Army Pick Up Donations – 25/03/2020 -Westfield- This is a family shop and Salvation Army donation center in Westfield. (Don Trigger / The Republican)

SPRINGFIELD – Spring cleaning has become one way for Americans to distract themselves as they face social distancing and staying at home during the coronavirus pandemic.

Does The Salvation Army Pick Up Donations

But the Salvation Army is asking people to hold off on donating clothes, furniture and other items for now as its stores are temporarily closed. The Salvation Army towing service has also been suspended.

Salvation Army Donations

“Due to the shutdown, we are unable to service these locations at this time, so we are asking people to keep clothing, shoes, furniture and other household items for now,” said Capt. David B. Wetzel, administrator. for business for the Salvation Army Senior Rehabilitation Center in Springfield.

“Because we cannot service these places, we are concerned that they will soon be flooded and items will be destroyed by the elements, which is a very real sanitation issue,” he said.

People are encouraged to call 800-SA-TRUCK or visit for updates on when donations will be accepted again.

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Salvation Army Pick Up Truck. Editorial Photo

This is evident from the endless piles of multi-colored plastic bags that have recently been pouring out of the Salvation Army’s donation stand in Bishan and from all the charity’s stalls in Singapore.

, a sea of ​​donated items in cardboard boxes and plastic bags could be seen pouring out of the designated donation collection area.

The items that spilled out of the tent were covered with a plastic mat that served as a makeshift shelter to protect the donated goods from the elements.

The reader compared the donation booth to a “garbage collection center,” where she said a broken chair was among the donated items, adding that the situation was “getting worse.”

Coronavirus: Salvation Army Closes Drop Off Locations, Suspends Pickup Services

Calling it “sorry”, the reader said the pile of rubbish extended beyond the area behind the white tent opposite Marymount Main Road.

Visited the Salvation Army headquarters in Bishan on December 30 and saw that the situation had improved significantly.

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Although there was still a huge pile of donated items on the sales stand, compared to the previous scenes on December 22nd and 28th, they piled up in a white tent.

This may be partly due to the closure of the distribution booth in Bishan, where there were notices urging donors to drop off their donations at another Salvation Army outlet located at the Tanglin Family Hub.

The Salvation Army Donation Pick Up Assistant

However, based on the steady stream of donors coming in every minute, the public was apparently unaware of the closure.

Most of these items consist of clothing, as well as a portable gas stove, books, an electric hand blender, a stroller, and four dark gray chairs.

Understands the dispensary is closed so the goods can be loaded onto trucks, where up to 12 to 13 of those trucks accept donations daily.

The situation was similar, albeit to varying degrees, at The Haven and Tanglin Family Hub, the other two donation booths.

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Most of the donated parcels were piled up at the sales counter at The Haven, located in Pasir Panjang.

There were also cars turning into The Haven, with drivers stopping in front of the booth to unload their packed belongings from the trunk of the car.

Among those donors was Ian, 41, who was there to donate several trucks that he said his children had outgrown.

Ian, who was in the process of cleaning out his house after the Christmas holidays, said he had deliberately kept the items for donation as they were still in good condition.

Salvation Army Westchester, Il 60154

Ian said he wasn’t surprised to see the piles of donated items he saw

Conversely, a middle-aged couple who said they are regular donors at The Haven noted that the sight was a surprise because it was out of the norm.

The couple went to the booth to hand over a funnel swimming noodle in a white plastic bag, as well as other items packed in a medium-sized white paper bag.

The collected donated items came out into the adjacent area of ​​the kindergarten and spread over one side of the driveway, making it difficult for cars and vehicles to maneuver.

Salvation Army Donation Pick Up 2023

This overflow was due to the fact that the vending booths were visibly filled to the brim with donated items and donors even resorted to rummaging through the various items in the booth to release their donations.

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The donor, who arrived in a black family car, drove around the Tanglin Family Hub several times after arriving as he did not know where the drop-off point was.

The car was full of items to donate, one of which was a Philips deep fryer that the donor had donated but barely used.

The donor ended up gifting the fryer to a middle-aged couple after striking up a conversation with them.

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And it turns out the donor isn’t the only one confused when looking at the Tanglin Family Hub.

Another donor, Gabriel, 31, arrived at the Tanglin Family Hub with three dark blue paper bags filled with rolls of neatly folded men’s clothing, some of which were button-down shirts.

After taking the untidy mess of donated items in front of him, Gabriel finally left with the items he intended to donate still in hand.

He shared that he would consider donating these items to other organizations, such as Raincoats, where they could be put to better use.

Town Targets Salvation Army’s Drop Off Bins, Saying They’re ‘illegal’ And Need To Be Removed

An outpouring of donations has been seen at all eight Salvation Army booths, according to the organization’s Dec. 29 Facebook post.

The post added that the distribution booth at the Hope Center in Changi is also closed and will not accept new donations, which explains the undulating queue of donated items lined up.

The official said one reason for the growing number of donated items is the Salvation Army’s lack of manpower and volunteers.

Speaking to ST, Paul Chai, CEO of Red Shield Industries, said the organization receives up to 10 tonnes of donations per day and triples this amount in the month of December.

A Salvation Army Collection Point For Donations Of Clothing And Shoes For Those In Need Editorial Stock Photo

Items that are in good condition are later sold at the family’s five stores in Singapore or online at marketplaces such as Reddshop and Carousell.

Has reached out to the Salvation Army for comment, but understands its offices are currently closed for the holidays.

That the total harvest in 2021 is 24 percent higher than that of 2020 and the highest since 2016.

This sentiment was echoed by Dipa Swaminathan, founder of It’s Raining Raincoats (IRRC), a local non-profit organization for migrant workers.

Donations To The Salvation Army Were Falling Short. But Now In Person Donating May Change That

This is despite the IRRC’s strict vetting regime, where interested donors are required to provide details of donated items to IRRC volunteers, which could potentially include attaching accompanying photographs of the items.

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After the volunteers approve the items and leave them at home, the volunteers go through the items again and perform another round of quality control.

Dipa said this is to not waste the time and efforts of IRRC donors and volunteers, while ensuring that the donations are in good condition and ultimately useful and beneficial to the migrant workers.

If you like what you read, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Telegram for the latest updates. When you hear the bells next to the red kettle, The Salvation Army wants you to know that they now accept both cash and cards.

Salvation Army Sees Spike In Donations Amid Festive Season, Appeals For Items In Good Condition

Red Kettles in the D.C. area. they will now offer a credit card donation option via attachment. (/Valerie Bonk)

Red Kettles in the D.C. area. they will now offer a credit card donation option via attachment. (/Valerie Bonk)

When you hear the bells ringing at the red kettle this holiday season, The Salvation Army wants you to know that they accept both cash and cards.

“We now have the ability for people to simply wave their credit card in front of the donation icon and it will automatically send a donation to The Salvation Army right here in their area,” said Mark Woodcock, Salvation Army senior commander. National Capital Regional Command.

Guide To Clothes, Books & Toys Donations To The Salvation Army

He said the group hopes the new technology will help them surpass the $800,000 they raised last year in a teapot campaign.

“We live in a cashless society; we try to give people opportunities that they can give,” Woodcock said. “When you wave it in front of our little gift icon, it beeps and you know it’s gone through.”

There will be about 80 of these special red teapots in the D.C. area in addition to the cash-only ones.

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