Air Force Reserve Bonus Jobs

Air Force Reserve Bonus Jobs – JOINT BASE LEWIS-MCCHORD, Wash. — The Air Force Reserve is opening its doors to thousands of Airmen looking to leave their active duty commitments — and offering big bonuses to those in high-demand career fields.

The push follows a trend that began with the impound threat in 2013, when many Airmen were wary of long-term active careers but wanted to serve in uniform and receive military service benefits.

Air Force Reserve Bonus Jobs

At bases across the country, reservists absorb more slack and fly missions alongside active duty pilots, and in some cases even become busier than their active duty counterparts. That’s the case here at one of the busiest mobility bases in the continental United States, where backup pilots and crew fly the same C-17s as their active-duty counterparts on missions around the globe.

Army National Guard To Halt Re Up Bonuses Amid Sky High Retention

“The Air Force Reserves are looking for good, quality people,” Major said. James Joel, a recruiter serving with the 446th Airlift Wing here. “Our mission is deteriorating and we are looking for ex-servicemen who have left active service. We can leverage their capabilities and we have an opportunity for them.”

Last October, the Air Force increased its recruiting bonus for seven positions on the critical skills list from $15,000 to $20,000. Active duty pilots who agree to serve six years in the Reserves are eligible for the maximum $20,000 bonus if they are 1A1X1 Flight Engineers, 1A4X1 Airborne Combat Directors, 1T2X1 Rescue Aircraft, 2A2X2 Special Operations Forces/Combat Troops personnel rescue, maintainers of 2A5X2 helicopters, 2A6X4 aircraft Power systems and 3E8X1 Rescue Luke Explosive charges.

The Air Force Reserve inducted 8,211 new reservists in fiscal 2014, exceeding its enlistment goal of 7,800.

Of those new reservists, 58 percent or 4,781 had previously served in the Air Force and 737 had previously served in another branch of the military.

Can This Internal Review Help Shrink The Air Force’s Pilot Shortage?

The Reserves got a recruiting boost from last year’s Air Force retirement effort, which included an expanded Palace Chase program that allowed active-duty Airmen to serve the remainder of their time in the Air National Guard or in the Reserves. Palace Chase typically causes enlisted airmen to serve two years in the Guard or Reserve for each remaining year of active duty, and officers typically must serve three years for each remaining year.

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The generous Palace Chase program did not continue this year. In 2014, 945 active Airmen joined the Reserve through Palace Chase, and an additional 422 joined the Reserve through Palace Chase during the first eight months of 2015.

If active pilots continue to join the Reserves at this rate in the final third of fiscal 2015, he will finish the year with approximately 633 Palace Chase recruits, suggesting a slowdown in the program since the end of the extended program.

Once a week, Joel hosts a group of pilots who are coming off active duty and curious about their options in the reserves. In a small conference room, Joel gives a presentation on the Palace Chase and Palace Front options, along with other ways Reserves can attract Airmen into their ranks: the promise of retirement, a better chance at regular promotion.

Af Reserve Seeks To Recruit Recruiters > Grissom Air Reserve Base > News

“Reserves are a little higher financially,” Joyal said. “With that comes rank and the opportunity to be promoted. In the reserves you don’t test your rank. As a sergeant working your way up to a technical sergeant, you’ll do tech. It’s time in the classroom and time in the service; if you get it, you’ll be promoted. What you need to do is do your job.”

This year, Joyal said he’s on track to see about 160 separate ones headed for McHoord’s reservation. That’s a high rate, but still down from the more than 200 he saw leave active service in 2013, as the service caught on.

At McHord he mainly visits pilots and senior sergeants who have invested their enlistment time and are looking for continuation. With such a large corps of C-17s at the base, he said he sees many sergeants and captains trying to get out of active duty and continue flying in the reserves, while also looking for private sector aviation jobs.

The promise of money and the ability to use education subsidies is the biggest thing driving Airmen to join the reserves, other than the ability to continue wearing the uniform.

Navy Reserve Struggling To Recruit New Sailors, Emphasizing Benefits

“Measuring what they’ve experienced so far on the reservation, the feedback I’m getting is that they’re using it as an opportunity to go to school, and it’s doing just that,” Joyal said. “It’s additional income and it does exactly that.”

The flight line at Joint Base Lewis-McChord is lined with C-17 aircraft which are among the busiest in service. Pilots fly to and from operations in the Middle East, along with support in the Pacific and exclusive assistance in support of the Operation Deep Freeze mission for the National Science Foundation in Antarctica. Much of these missions are flown by reserve aircrews, with experienced pilots and airmen being able to choose which missions they are allowed to fly and being able to gain more experience in their flight settings. This was the main reason why 728 Squadron instructor pilot Sergeant Peter Grossenbach decided to transfer from active duty 62nd Wing at base to the reserve side.

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“A big plus is that you have the control and the ability to volunteer instead of always being on fire,” Grosenbach said.

For pilots assigned to Air Mobility Command active duty crews, the majority of their flying time comes as they are junior officers, such as lieutenants and captains. Majors and lieutenant colonels are usually moved out of cockpits and into headquarters positions in their units. This started happening to Grosenbach just as he felt he was “getting stronger” flying the C-17. After moving on the reserve side, he’s able to fly about twice as long and hone skills that can be used on assignments like Deep Freeze.

Enlistment And Extension Incentives

“Right now, I’m just getting good,” he said. “I’ve just made progress and now it’s time to move on to a team assignment… It’s good to be able to sink my teeth into this job.”

The maintenance side of the base is also rich in experience, where mostly former active pilots can stay long in their career field and with the same type of aircraft while being busy, the staff sergeant said. Marty Hitt, assistant superintendent of the 446th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, the Blue Aircraft Maintenance Unit. The HIM unit is made up of more than 400 Airmen, most of whom are former active duty.

The unit’s activity comes in waves, with the base’s C-17s bobbing up and down in demand. The unit is heading into a busy 2014 and has been able to refocus on training as deployments have slowed and reservists have been able to focus on civilian jobs. Another benefit of the unit is that the airmen are able to care for each other in their civilian life and even help each other find a job.

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“There are so many people you meet in so many different career fields that people are helping each other all the time,” he said.

Us Air Force To Offer Up To $50,000 Signing Bonus For Some New Recruits

Hitt was formerly active at McHoord and has decided to remain in the reserves to retire, but he will still be able to wear the uniform, he said.

“I appreciate the Army so much because it got me where I am today,” he said. “If I hadn’t taken that route, then it wouldn’t have happened.”

One man killed by the FBI after alleged threats by Biden was an Air Force veteran. The man federal agents shot and killed at his home in Prowess, Utah, Wednesday morning was a former airman who had threatened to assassinate President Joe Biden.

The alleged Air Force leaker shared information with foreign nationals, the FBI says the three servers that allegedly leaked Teixeira’s documents contained more than 150 members.

Air Force Ups Maximum Retention Bonus To $100k, Plans Big Expansion

A Ministry of Defense survey for 2021 reported an unemployment rate among military service spouses of around 21%.

As part of the Air Force’s massive mobility wargame in Pacific Mobility Guardian, a massive airlift and aerial refueling exercise, it involved 3,000 troops and 70 mobility aircraft from the United States and six allies.

The Wounded Warrior chief expected to retire in early 2024, Lington served in the military for 35 years before joining the National Veterans Association. Dan Cooper, a retired US Air Force commander, and Staff Sgt. Strabros Calfoglou, 375th Communications Support Squadron, both advanced training instructors, Recruiting Exercise Movement Facility, Scott Air Force Base, Ill., Sept. 12, 2021. U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Brooke Spanner

The Air Force is offering a $10,000 bonus to previously enlisted Air Force personnel who join the Reserves and fill an open position in an effort to increase enlistment numbers for the component.

Navy Offers Future Sailors, Veterans Up To $115,000 In Enlistment, Loan Repayment Incentives


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